“California and the End of White America”

As most of you are aware, the past few years have seen a wave of important and controversial issues connected with race, ethnicity, and social policy sweep over both the California and the national political landscape—immigration, affirmative action, bilingual education—as manifested in Propositions 187, 209, and 227.

Although these political events have captured the news headlines, and have had a dramatic impact on our politics, they have received minimal sustained analysis, either in the newspapers or in major intellectual publications. Yet they remain some of the most important factors determining the future of our large, multiethnic nation, and represent issues central to my own Senatorial campaign.

The current issue of Commentary Magazine contains a 9000 word essay of mine entitled “California and the End of White America” which focuses on these important and under-analyzed matters. Extra copies are available, and I will be glad to arrange for the issue to be sent to anyone who wishes to see the essay (I have already taken the liberty of placing some of you on the distribution list). Just reply with your name and best mailing address if you want to receive a copy (or extra reprints).

Also, I am currently cleaning up my e-mail distribution list. If anyone is inadvertently dropped from the list (which will be apparent if you don’t receive any future e-mails over the next week or so) and wish to be returned to the list, just notify me.

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