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Sharonism vs. Building a Wall

Sharonism vs. Building a Wall by Ron Unz Sacramento Bee, Sunday, April 28, 2002 Any attempt to resolve the crisis in the Middle East forces us — the American people and American Jewry — to appraise the motives and the … Continue reading

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Will Riordan Run on “English”? – Sacramento Bee

Will Riordan Run on “English”? by Ron Unz Sacramento Bee, Sunday, December 23, 2001 As former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan gears up for his campaign to challenge Gov. Gray Davis, he faces some serious obstacles. First, no incumbent California governor has … Continue reading

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California Republicans as the Party of the Poor

California Republicans as the Party of the Poor by Ron Unz Sacramento Bee, Sunday, August 22, 1999 The recent release of campaign finance reports for the first half of 1999 has revealed a surprising fact: unlike its national counterpart, the California … Continue reading

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Educational Nonsense and Vouchers

Educational Nonsense and Vouchers by Ron Unz Sacramento Bee, Sunday, January 3, 1999 As the hot-button political issue of the 1998 election, educational reform has inspired a host of political proposals, ranging from the foolish to the ridiculous. Unfortunately, political sloganeering … Continue reading

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Trade Disaster Deferred

Trade Disaster Deferred, by Ron Unz Sacramento Bee, July 9, 1995 HAVING PULLED America back from the brink of a disastrous trade war with the Japanese, the Clinton administration deserves at least faint praise for its last-minute lack of commitment to … Continue reading

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