Announcing The Unz Review

Following over two months of concentrated development effort, I’m very pleased to finally release my new webzine, The Unz Review, intended to provide a convenient platform for many of those important and controversial perspectives regularly ignored by our mainstream media outlets.

The nature of this website and my reasons for establishing it are extensively discussed in the Mission Statement.

During this development process several prominent writers and intellectuals have authorized me to republish their extensive collections of writings, providing me with almost 6,000 articles and columns in my current archives, and good prospects for rapid further increases in the near future.

Since the website is currently a work-in-progress, not all features have yet been completed or enabled.  For example, the commenting has not yet been enabled, the Twitter and Facebook operations are minimal, the RSS feed are not yet fully operational, and so forth.  Furthermore, during this initial period the publication of original writing will be minimal, with the bulk of new material being the syndicated output of various columnists and bloggers.  I am also sure that many small problems or undiscovered software bugs will have to be fixed, perhaps requiring episodic temporary shutdowns of the website.

However, I am generally pleased with the relatively rapid launch of this new media outlet and hope that many of the readers share my opinion.  As a famous Chinese philosopher observed, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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