Unz on Hispanic Crime III: Them vs. Unz

With a flurry of critical responses to my article published in the last few days—four on Wednesday alone!—I had to scramble to produce my own rebuttal, but I think I covered most of the bases.

In particular, since the independent California data I have now provided seems so strongly consistent with the national numbers, I believe that critics will have a difficult time continuing to argue that my ethnic incarceration estimates are wildly off target.

One interesting aspect of this debate has been the almost total silence of the mainstream conservative media. Although immigration is an enormously hot and important topic nearly all the sharp responses to my detailed analysis have appeared in much smaller or more marginal publications such as Chronicles, Alternative Right, VDare, or Occidental Dissent.

To a considerable extent, I think this illustrates that today’s mainstream conservative publications serve primarily as propaganda outlets and ideological cheerleaders, with no thinking or analysis being required. Since the subject of immigration is a tricky one—with major donors and grassroots activists locked in sharp disagreement—keeping silent seems best option. Perhaps at some point, the Politburo at Conservative Inc. HQ will decide which side constitutes the official Party Line, and a dozen articles in a dozen different publications but with identical talking points will immediately issue forth, making their case in lockstep. Obviously, the actual facts or numbers will play no role whatsoever in determining ultimate decision. Everyone knows that believing in reality is just for liberals.


Meanwhile, a supportive column in America’s largest Spanish-language newspaper
“Un mito sobre latinos”
Jorge Delgado, La Opinion, Feburary 23, 2010

And my own detailed reply to the various critics:
“Them vs. Unzism”
Ron Unz, The American Conservative, March 4, 2010

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