Unz on Hispanic Crime – Growing Media Coverage

My March article in The American Conservative analyzing Hispanic crime rates has begun to receive increased attention from various journalists and commentators. I include a few of the examples below.

“His-Panic: The Myth of Immigrant Crime”
Ron Unz, The American Conservative, March 2010


  • Tyler Cowen, New York Times economist columnist, at Marginal Revolution
    “An excellent article, full of good information.”
  • Heather Horn, The Atlantic Monthly/Atlantic Wire
    “Unz debunks the high Hispanic crime rate myth…the piece requires a full reading.”
  • Radley Balko, Reason Magazine/Hit & Run, with 98 comments
    “One of the more courageous endeavors I’ve seen from a political magazine in a long time.”
  • Top stories of the day, Slate/The Slatest
    “Ron Unz takes on, and takes down, one of the far-right’s most cherished doctrines”
  • David Freddoso, Washington Examiner/Beltway Confidential
    “If there is a problem of too much immigration, it doesn’t appear to be in the realm of violent crime.”
  • USA Today, Et Cetera – Smart insights on the news of the day

Much of this coverage seems to have been initially prompted by RSS feeds sent out by Felix Salmon of Reuters and Ezra Klein of The Washington Post.


Meanwhile, the article sparked something of a flame war between two prominent columnists at The Nation, although they both actually agreed with the substance of my claims:

However, the response among paleoconservatives has been more mixed:

  • Roger D. McGrath, Chronicles
    “Kris Jensen’s moderately successful 1962 recording of ‘Torture’ kept running through my brain.”
  • John Derbyshire, National Review/NRO
    “…an impressive analysis…Data talks, b-s walks…”
  • Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune Columnist
    “In Los Angeles, which is half Hispanic…the murder rate has plummeted to levels unseen since the tranquil years of the early 1960s”

Finally, the public reaction among White Nationalists has been uniformly negative:

  • Hunter Wallace, Occidental Dissent, 62 comments
    “An important corollary is that Jews should be totally excluded from our media and organizations.”
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