VDare: Superstitious Chinese!

With all the endless talk of strong Chinese economic growth and implications of high Chinese intelligence, we must thank VDARE.com’s perspicacious Brenda Walker for finally providing a very healthy corrective to this MSM nonsense. As she correctly notes, this common picture has almost completely ignored the massive evidence of continuing Chinese supersitions, with vast numbers of allegedly modern Chinese still believing that the number “8” has lucky properties. Her piece could have even been made stronger if she had also noted that the number “4” is similarly regarded as being extremely unlucky by the endlessly backward Chinese.

In sharp contrast to the silly Chinese, Anglo-American scientific researchers have conclusively proven that it is actually the number “13” which is highly unlucky, while the number “7” is uniquely lucky. As far as I know, the stubbornly ethnocentric Chinese have still refused to accept these Western scientific results, and continue to take ridiculous risks by building office towers which contain a 13th floor, a mistake that few modern American cities would exhibit. I’ve even heard that the extremely evil number “666” carries no particular stigma in Chinese society.

Although Chinese people are allegedly good at math, I’d tend to doubt this. Even very young children in American schools can recognize the obvious difference between the numbers “7” and “8” on the one hand, and “4” and “13” on the other!


This focus on the Chinese is a slight departure for Ms. Walker, whose regular columns on VDare almost invariably feature local news stories from around the country about Latino immigrants involved in traffic accidents and drunk driving arrests.

I’d even suspect that the time she required to research her expose on Chinese numerology caused her to miss a particularly horrific example of her staple subject, which has filled the local San Jose newspaper headlines for the last few days. Apparently, a Latino immigrant driving a flashy car ran down and brutally killed two elderly Anglo women at crosswalk, dragging one of the victims for hundreds of feet before momentarily stopping to dislodge her from his car’s hood before speeding off again. Fortunately, a helpful pedestrian noted the car’s license, and the vicious criminal was soon apprehended, now to face hit-and-run felony murder charges. I’d think a case this horrible will end of receiving at least a couple of days coverage on VDARE.

Oops! I got things garbled. The driver was actually the Anglo, while the two elderly ladies killed at the crosswalk were the Latino immigrants. Sorry for my careless mistake…

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