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A Trillion Here and A Trillion There…

According to an estimate by Bloomberg News released this morning, the sum of the new commitments already made by the federal government in its financial bailout has already reached a total of 8.5 trillion dollars, including loans, investments, guarantees, and other liabilities. Frankly, this … Continue reading

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The Life and Legacy of Lt. Gen. William Odom

“General Principles” by Ron Unz While other top brass played press agents for the administration’s war, William Odom told the truth about Iraq—though few listened. The American Conservative, September 8, 2008, COVER STORY Much as the capital loves ceremony, Washington won’t … Continue reading

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VDare: Superstitious Chinese!

With all the endless talk of strong Chinese economic growth and implications of high Chinese intelligence, we must thank’s perspicacious Brenda Walker for finally providing a very healthy corrective to this MSM nonsense. As she correctly notes, this common … Continue reading

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The Red-and-Black Fund

Since another multi-billion-dollar hedge fund announced on Friday that it had lost almost all its money and was liquidating, I suppose it’s a little too late for me to start my own Red-and-Black Fund, based on some shrewd investment principles I worked out … Continue reading

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This morning, Citicorp, previously America’s largest bank, wrote down the value of its security holdings by an additional $22B, following massive multi-billion-dollar write-downs in previous quarters. The total market value of Citicorp has now been cut in half. Merrill Lynch, … Continue reading

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