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Profession: Martyrdom-Seeking Terrorist

Mohamed Atta, the apparent ringleader of the 9/11 terrorist squad that destroyed our World Trade Center and killed 3,000 Americans, was clearly a very bad man, at least by American standards.

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Bilingual Ignorance

Bilingual Ignorance, by Ron Unz Orange County Register (Letters), Sunday, June 16, 2002 I must take issue with the ignorant and rather insulting tone of Yvette Cabrera’s column on the subject of bilingualism. Ms. Cabrera wrongly characterizes me as an … Continue reading

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The Growth of Latino Separatism in Southern California

“The Growth of Latino Separatism in Southern California” by Ron Unz Unpublished, June 11, 2002 For decades, nervous Anglo conservatives have quietly suggested that the enormous growth ofSouthern California’s Latino immigrant population, the close proximity to Mexico, and the historical … Continue reading

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Is 51 Larger Than 9 or Smaller Than 9?

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Stephanie Finucane, a reporter for the San Luis Obispo Tribune, who was beginning work on a follow-up story examining the impact of Proposition 227 in her portion of California’s underreported Central Coast. Since … Continue reading

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