Making TNR’s “Idiocy Watch”

The recent “Rocks Falling Upward” column on my amusing Harvard University “English” debate provoked sufficient positive response that I subsequently published a slightly modified version on National Review Online.

Given the near-universal fixation of NRO and almost every other media outlet with the ongoing Terrorism War, I chose to add a few somewhat tongue-in-cheek comments, slightly identifying the two conflicts. Sadly, my friends among the dour patriots of The New Republic saw little call for even slight levity during such an enormous national crisis, and consigned the poor humor of my piece to their official “Idiocy Watch” section.

Fortunately, the notorious patriotism of TNR’s editors is matched by their magnanimity, and I have been informed that they will be publishing my letter of reply included below.

Otherwise, I am also attaching an article from the Boston Globe, another in a seemingly endless series describing yet again the complete unworkability of the existing bilingual system, which I would characterize as a policy of “insanity tempered by impossibility.”

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