“English” Launched in Denver

Earlier this week, a group of Latino parents, children, teachers, and community activists announced the launch of Colorado’s November 2002 initiative drive to dismantle that state’s bilingual education programs.

The press conference received enormous local coverage, far more than I would have expected, with five television cameras and numerous other journalists in attendance. The next morning’s Denver Post carried a powerful front-page photo story on the event, showing the group holding their colorful green “English for the Children” signs, the same ones used in the previous California and Arizona campaigns. http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1002,64%257E48917,00.html The competing Rocky Mountain News gave the announcement a front-page banner headline, and it led the evening television newscasts.

In recent months, numerous politicians in Colorado and elsewhere have endlessly told me in private of their extremely strong support for “English,” which they would immediately endorse, if not for the certain knowledge that the outrageously biased “liberal media” would surely demonize them as racists if they did so. As a close observer, I see little demonization or liberal bias so far in the coverage, which is provided below. Perhaps as has been said, “Only the wicked flee when no man pursueth.”

All in all, a highly auspicious beginning to our Colorado efforts.

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