The Gift of English in New York

During recent weeks, we have seen both national candidates and their party supporters do their utmost to claim the right to preside over what will likely be a politically crippled Presidency, a deadlocked Congress, and perhaps now even an economic downturn and possible market crash.

At present, Bush seems to have gained possession of this poisoned political chalice, and hopes to drink deeply before Gore can wrestle it back again.

Those of you who will be in the New York City area next week and interested in a change of political focus might consider attending my own Manhattan Institute luncheon talk on December 6th, noon to 2:00pm at the Harvard Club. Contact Mabel Weil at 1-212-599-7000 if you wish to attend.

Three years ago, I gave a Manhattan Institute luncheon speech on the prospects for California’s Prop. 227, which was then just beginning its signature-gathering phase. Eighteen months ago, I gave a second luncheon speech on the landslide victory of Prop. 227 in California, and the prospects for Prop. 203 in Arizona, which was then just in its early stages.

Next week, I will give my third talk, covering the dramatic rise in California test scores, the recent landslide victory for Prop. 203 in Arizona, and the prospects of similar efforts in New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, and elsewhere. I sincerely hope that future action by national political leaders will eliminate the need for me to provide a fourth, fifth, or tenth Manhattan Institute presentation on that same general subject.

Unfortunately, as the recent editorial from the New York Post indicates, New York Schools Chancellor Harold Levy appears unwilling to propose major changes in New York City’s bilingual programs, despite their manifest failure. Perhaps the office of Mayor Giuliani will consider the suggestions which I make in the current issue of City Journal below.

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