Manhattan Institute Lecture in NYC

With the one-year anniversary of the landslide victory of Prop. 227 fast approaching, I’ll be in New York City next week to give a related lecture under the auspices of the free-market Manhattan Institute.

In the aftermath of Prop. 227’s dismantlement of California’s system of Spanish-language “bilingual education,” I will explore the mounting evidence that young children can indeed learn English if the schools will teach it to them. This heretical but true empirical finding has produced astonishment in thousands of (ex-)bilingual teachers in California, and tremendous happiness in the immigrant parents of perhaps one million children. Naturally, political leaders nowhere else in the country have seen fit to consider following this controversial example.

My talk will be at the Harvard Club on Tuesday, May 25th at noon. Please contact the Manhattan Institute at 1-212-599-7000 if you wish to attend.

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