More good news about Prop. 227

Another couple of very nice articles on the implementation of Prop. 227, focusing on the $50 million adult English literacy component.

This portion of the initiative, which was the main target of opposition during the campaign for both the Misguided Right and the Cynical Left, seems to be working out very well, assisting tens of thousands of immigrant parents in improving their English skills and thereby supporting their children’s education.

Over the past six months, there have been 18 major news stories analyzing the results of Prop. 227. With fingers crossed, I must say that ALL have been positive, most glowingly so. I can’t think of the last time a controversial initiative has so quickly silenced or converted its erstwhile foes. The final “moment of truth” will arrive in a couple of months, with the release of the new student test scores.

Thanks again for all your support in passing Prop. 227.

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