Democratic Assembly Speaker Appoints Ron Unz

MEDIA ADVISORY: JANUARY 25, 1999 (310) 737-1969

Democratic Speaker of the Assembly Antonio Villaraigosa Appoints Ron Unz to Speaker’s Commission on State Finance

Sacramento—Democratic Speaker of the Assembly Antonio R. Villaraigosa has appointed Ron Unz to the Speaker’s Commission on State and Local Government Finance. The Commission will meet during 1999 to develop proposals for reforming California’s current system of state and local government finance.

Unz and Villaraigosa had met during the recent campaign for Proposition 227, which Unz led and Speaker Villaraigosa opposed.

“Although Antonio Villaraigosa was a strong opponent of Proposition 227, his conduct during the campaign was absolutely honorable and beyond reproach. While in the past we have disagreed about the most effective means of teaching English to immigrant children, I am very glad that we will now be able to work together in a bipartisan attempt to improve government finance for the benefit of all Californians. Our state would be far better served if all controversial initiative campaigns ended on such a note of unity rather than divisiveness.”

The first meeting of the Commission will be held Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 1pm in Capitol Room 4202.

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