First day of class for Proposition 227

I’m attaching the following two articles from the front pages of the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, regarding the first days of classes in the Proposition 227 post-bilingual education era. At least so far, we are cautiously optimistic about the degree to which the two largest school districts in California are complying with the letter and spirit of our initiative.

When we began our campaign a year ago, nearly everyone was incredulous of our goal of ending bilingual education within one year. Yet despite massive political opposition and numerous court challenges—IT’S HAPPENING!

It’s especially interesting to note in the articles below that many of the teachers are surprised that so many of their LEP students actually already know English or pick it up so quickly. The likelihood that Latino test scores with shoot up dramatically on next year’s statewide exams will doubtless generate even more surprise. I would expect that within a few years Latino support for the legacy of Proposition 227 will be at 80-90%, and a lot of politicians will look very, very foolish.

Incidentally, we have a toll-free number 1-888-778-6439 which can be used to report any information on cases in which school districts are failing to comply with Proposition 227.

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