Conservative Fringe Paranoia

As you might be aware, the “lunatic fringe” of the anti-immigrant conservative movement has recently begun denouncing our “English for the Children” initiative as a plot by MALDEF and the bilingual teachers to preserve and protect bilingual education in California, while also channelling funding to Latino activists.

Since groups of Latino activists are now periodically picketing my company’s office, carrying signs denouncing me as an anti-Latino racist Nazi who wants to outlaw the Spanish language, these Latino activists must be VERY good actors.

I have now just learned that these same fringe conservative sleuths, led by Glenn Spencer of VCT, now uncovered an even more vile and devious plot on a far grander scale: that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was actually concocted by the Clinton Administration in order to salvage Clinton’s presidency! I KID YOU NOT!!!!!! (See attached posting from the VCT web site). Who knows—perhaps this also is only the surface story, and actually Monica is OJ Simpson in disguise and was sent to Earth by the Martians to kidnap Socks the Cat.

Groups like VCT clearly explain why the conservatives ALWAYS lose political battles, despite the lunatic policies of the other side. Things really have never been the same politically since we saw the widespread de-institutionalization of the mentally ill. On the other hand, maybe Glenn Spencer is himself a Clinton agent. THAT I might believe.

============================= STARR MOVE POINTS TO DIRTY TRICKS

Is this whole thing a set up? If Starr is on to it, will Monica be too great a liability to permit her to testify?


This is consistent with the following ———————————————–


Posted January 27, 1998

In 1997, VCT ran an ad in the Los Angeles Times entitled “Reconquista — Re-election.” In it we showed how Bill Clinton used the Proposition 187 backlash to win the votes of Latinos and “immigrants.”

In fighting the 1996 election campaign, Bill Clinton used every resource available to him, including the Lincoln bedroom and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (“Citizenship USA”). He was ruthless.

Following the election, Bill Clinton started fighting for the survival of the Democrat Party. It was his devious methods which won the presidency, but it was also his devious methods which put the Democrats in a financial and public perception bind.

In 1996, Bill Clinton played every angle, right up to, and in some cases, passing over the line of legality.

As the Paula Jones case was getting underway, Bill Clinton was facing a real calamity. He was broke. The Democrat Party was broke. They were probably going to lose ground in the House and in the Senate, possibly approaching a veto-proof count.

Clinton needed to destroy the opposition. He needed to regain the high ground.

Bill Clinton will stop at nothing to reach his goals. He is still the same power-hungry, ruthless Bill Clinton he was in 1996. He is still capable of using any means necessary to defeat his enemies, including manufacturing the Monica Lewisnky affair.

There are VERY POWERFUL FORCES who depend on the continuation of the Democrat’s hold on to the administration of America’s laws. Bill Clinton has made a Faustian Bargain with them.

Bill Clinton does not play according to normal rules. He and his handlers play dirty and they play to win.

The day after this story broke, I told a number of people that I thought it likely that the whole thing was engineered by Clinton and the REAL POWER behind the White House. While I have waffled somewhat as evidence came forth, I still think this is a very real possibility.

If Bill Clinton wins this won, he wins everything. The Special Prosecutor is finished, Rush Limbau is finished and the Republicans are finished.

I saw “Wag the Dog.” It was dumb. No Hollywood producer would do what they suggested.

A really good Hollywood producer WOULD come up with the Monica Lewinsky affair, however. And, Monica Lewisnky is FROM HOLLYWOOD and a very friendly family.

Glenn Spencer

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