Field Poll Results

The statewide Field Poll came out this week with the numbers on our “English for the Children” initiative, and they are VERY GOOD—overwhelming, landslide support among all ethnic, demographic, and ideological groups in California. The story was front-page news up and down the state, and I’m attaching the article from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Although the numbers were somewhat down from the stratospheric results of the LA Times poll in October, the reason seems clear. Unlike the LA Times question, the Field poll included the fact that our initiative would spend $50 million per year for ten years to fund adult English literacy programs, but failed to mention that our initiative would on balance save large amounts of money each year, giving the misleading impression that “English for the Children” would raise, rather than potentially lower, taxes. Since many registered voters are taxophobic, the numbers seem very much in line with previous polls. One especially nice indication from the Field poll is that 71% of all registered voters in California were already familiar with our initiative, and of these, we have over 75% support.

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