Star Latino Teacher Joins Bilingual Foes, Etc.


NOTE: This is an interesting piece from the editor (Daniel Munoz) of SAN DIEGO LA PRENSA. Dan is a militant Chicano who runs a significant bilingual Hispanic paper in San Diego. His earlier comments concerning the “English for the Kids” effort were VERY caustic (in fact, ALL his writing is caustic). But today we see a different tune being whistled, perhaps because of the LA TIMES survey showing overwhelming opposition (over 80%) by ALL groups to bilingual education.


Wake up call for los Maestros… If you are into Bilingual Ed. your days are numbered. No es that we are against some form of Bilingual Ed… What we are fed up with is YOU. We, los Chicanos, are responsible for putting you in… and you betrayed us. Bilingual Ed. has been turned into a full employment program for your own agenda that has nothing to do with our kids… that’s why 84% of la gente en Los Angeles voted against you… YOU BLEW THE PROGRAM.

Alerta gente… ignore the tears and pleas for you to fight for the jobs of people that have sold you out… But, fight for a transitional Bilingual program that is truly transitional and not a make work program for Raza that enjoys living in Eastlake and driving BMW’s at your child’s expense.

Isn’t it strange that a gringa, Senator DeDe Alpert, San Diego is trying to save Bilingual Ed… while Assemblywoman Denise Duchney does nothing? Perhaps she doesn’t know the difference between educating our kids to speak English and having ego-tripping self-serving gente wanting to hold on to their non-producing jobs at the expense of our children?

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