Teachers Union Referendum on English

The United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) is the largest individual public school teachers union in California, and a very powerful influence in educational policy in the entire state. As you may be aware, most rank-and-file teachers are very doubtful about the merits of “bilingual education”, and are likely supporters of our “English for the Children” initiative. On the other hand, their feelings often are not the determining factors in union policy. Therefore, we have been very pleased to learn that some individual teachers in UTLA are now organizing a petition drive to hold a union referendum which would have UTLA endorse our initiative and do whatever it can to support its qualification and eventual passage.

If this union referendum qualifies and passes, one of the largest and most powerful educational unions in the state will have endorsed our effort—and done so solely because of grassroots action. Under these circumstances, the leadership of many other teachers’ unions in California will doubtless see which way the wind is blowing and follow along; while the likelihood of organized opposition from any of these unions becomes almost nil. Winning this UTLA member referendum might be a crucial turning point in our campaign.

What these supportive LA teachers need are the signatures of 500 LA teachers within the next few weeks to qualify their union referendum, and since this is the summer break, most teachers are difficult to contact easily. If any of you know of any teachers who would be willing to support this effort, PLEASE SEND US THE INFORMATION NOW! Direct your e-mail with the names, numbers, addresses, e-mail locations, etc. of potentially supportive teachers to:

Doug at [email protected]

Imagine how the state politicians would react to an endorsement of our initiative by a full vote of the membership of California’s largest public school teachers union! All we need are the names of a couple of hundred potentially supportive teachers in the LA area, so please redistribute this message to any other e-mail lists which might go to teachers or supporters in the LA area.

Thanks for your help on this.

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