Nazi Tract?

Nazi Tract?, by Ron Unz
National Review (Letters), Monday, July 14, 1997

Although I’ve always been a very strongly pro-immigrant conservative, I found that the underlying facts and figures in your “immigration” issue (June 16, 1997) were absolutely irrefutable, however much I might disagree with your ultimate conclusions.

But then I noticed that if I changed “Asians” to “Jews,” “Hispanics” to “blacks,” and “immigrants” to “Jews and blacks,” the strong factual basis of your material stayed the same (even more so, since taken together, Jews and blacks are far, far more likely to be liberal leftists, welfare recipients, and criminals than Asians or Hispanics), but your thoughtful articles had suddenly been transformed into vile tracts obviously written by the Nazi Party. This disturbs me.

Yours Sincerely,

Ron K. Unz, Chairman 
English for the Children

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