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Of Chinese Propaganda and Clean Underwear

“Of Chinese Propaganda and Clean Underwear” by Ron K. Unz Unpublished, October 1983 It is a matter of public record that over this last summer the UPI wire service carried an account of a thirty-foot-high unmanned balloon which had landed in Israel … Continue reading

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Social Darwinism and Rural China

Social Darwinism and Rural China by Ron K. Unz Preliminary notes on the possible sociobiological implications of the rural Chinese political economy Unpublished, Harvard University/E.O. Wilson, April 1980 April 1983 February 2011 Discussion

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Defending Europe

The Economist (Letters) February 19, 1983 Mr. Robert Dujarric (Letters, January 15th) believes that an increased Nato reliance on “smart” anti-tank weapons instead of tactical nuclear weapons is inadvisable. His analysis overlooks several important points.

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